Denim Village

since 2001

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Social Responsibility

We ensure that all development and production processes are carried out under the social compliance regulations,in adherence with local and international standards.
We aim to reduce all the environmental impacts of production and ensure sustainability throughout all processes. Based on this aim, we have a high level wastewater treatment and emission system which meets local and international standards. We continuously carry out studies to contribute to reducing the consumption of natural resources used.

Research & Development

Denim Village is the first R&D center in the garment manufacturing industry in Turkey to be certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. At our ITS-accredited laboratory, we use our expertise in textile engineering to carry out research on washing processes and techniques, prepare collections for showroom and fair purposes on demand, build prototypes and test for different applications of chemical materials and machines to apparel. We then include the comparative test results in our reports.


We collect inspiration from all over the world and study final consumer behaviour and lifestyles. We then make our Denim Village collection based on different concepts every season.

We provide a workshop service to customers at the DV development centre and prepare our full denim line for the customers in a couple of days.

Production Development

We transfer the development processes and recipes to mass production and work on finding faster, flexible and more efficient methods and a more economic use of resources during the production process.

Mass Production
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